Wednesday, August 15, 2012


You as a citizen have this choice and it matters (this is of course a fictitious world I'm thinking of..... za zing!)

After reading this article a comment thread was started about where you as an American would rather see our money and military efforts going.
We are/were half way across the world toppling middle east regimes and fighting an unwinable war so far away most of us have no real detailed information on what it even means any more.
Mean while across our own borders we have veritable armies of drug cartels destroying their own homeland in order to slither into our own and slowly corrupt this one.
You have a citizen right to vote and declare open full fledged war on drug cartels with a shoot to kill agenda. The same force as in the Middle East and use of drones are at the disposal and Mexico even though more than likely not in agreement has little to do against us or we completely close off all borders and dissalow any relations with them.

Send our army where?

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