Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DMC Reboot - Hangover Trailer

I am probably one of the FOUR people who are actually excited for this DMC Reboot. I was never actually a fan of the originals and found them cliche' and very repetitive. I mean mindless hack and slash is a good time but if there is no real filler story in between then it just gets boring. This is probably how God Of War survived so many games. You MASH "X" but then get treated to some very emotionally driven dialogue and story. This new game's plot seems like a mix of the old Roddy Piper movie "They Live" mixed with Silent Hill. Premise is a race of demons are subliminally controlling the human race through politics and advertising and only a few select people in a particular group, branded as terrorists can actually see their true face. Check out the trailer above and honestly tell me this Dante doesn't seem a bit more interesting.

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