Tuesday, August 14, 2012

let me ask a STUPID question..... If we ALLLLLLLL got together and say made a physical group and monthly decided what movie/album/book/ETC each of us would buy and then when finished did a revolving door with it until we got it back, but on a massive website honor system lending scale.... how long would it take for the MPAA or RIAA to get in and shit on it and try to sue the website? Seriously i want to make a massive database where local people (craigslist per say) can go on and create an account and actually physically lend things to each other just to see how long it is until they figure it is illegal and try to sue. I want to do this soley as an experiment, anyone down?

who has some decent database skills to help me out as I have no database skills what so ever.... I'm skill less in the art of database :(

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  1. Hello, I got here from your Gizmodo comment. Something like this is actually happening; a good friend of mine has spent the better part of the past 5 years on building actsofsharing.com into exactly what you talk about in this post. The site essentially lets you network with friends and borrow their belongings (DVD's CD's books, etc).


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