Thursday, January 2, 2014


So this x-mas I got another nice gift.

BOTH A&E and History added on channels to the ROKU streaming box!

Now some of the material is of course locked unless you have an account with a cable provider, BUT much of it is still open and rotating.

To me this is a HUGE step in the direction I want to see this going in.

If these stations get a good reaction from us roku viewers and see it as profitable to stream commercials to us through the device then it will open doors to further programming from these stations and many other finally breaking the chains of cable and coming to the new age of cord cutters!

This is the true al la carte service.

Me and the little lady went on a nice "First 48" binge for 2 days just loving it!


In all honesty these were two of my favorite stations even before this. I LOVE the history channel, and if Discovery would come to the Dark Side I would be like a pig in shit...... corny, runny, fragrant shit!

If you have a Roku player PLEASE download these two network channels and EMAIL them to say thank you and show your support!

this page has both A&E and History contact info!

PLEASE support this!

My email to them

"PLEASE pass this up to the highest level. 

Me and my girlfriend who cut the cord last year recently were overjoyed this x-mas to turn on our ROKU player (which is our main entertainment source, using netflix, plex, hulu+, playon ETC) to see TWO NEW channels available.

We loved both A&E AND History (one of my fav channels ever) prior to cutting the cord and the fact you partnered with ROKU is great.

We understand that some content is locked due to agreements with cable provider such as "Comcast" but hope the out pour of support you receive from this new step forward in today's technological age proves that this style of entertainment distribution can also be profitable through the use of advertising and not having to deal with broadcaster agreements!

I do hope these channels are here to stay as some of our FAV programming is on them. 

We treated ourselves to a First 48 mini marathon since we missed it SO MUCH!

We are also the type of viewer who prefers commercials in our programming. We have very bad attention spans and the break between the show really helps us so honestly if it helps keep'em coming! We don't even mind the commercials on HULU.

I hope many more stations follow your adventurous step forward and see this as a prosperous new en devour. "

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