Monday, January 13, 2014

DO NOT BUY AN OUYA! - Update 1/15/2014 "Kay maybe buy an OUYA"

So after creating another help ticket and explaining my situation I got my buddies rep Jeff. I Included my friend's RMA number and info (with his permission of course) to prove my case and my controller is in New Jersey and on it's way.
Let's see if this fixes my lag/sync issues.


So since the day after Christmas I have been dealing with OUYA support over a controller swap because the lag on my system is SO bad its near unusable. From a mere 7 feet away I have to get up every TEN MINUTES to stand next to my system so the controller can communicate with the device and stop lagging.

I have been repeatedly told by my assigned rep Chris Green I have ZERO ETA on a swap and they are out of stock and their shippers are behind.

Meanwhile my close friend Jamel has his controller on the way. He started his RMA process almost a WEEK after me.

His rep Jeff seems to be on the ball.


My system is hard wired, direct line of site, and laying on its side! All these steps reduce the lag but when you are in a game and your character starts wildly flailing about and disobeying your inputs then you know the hardware is just bad.

I could use my PS3 controller but then I have re sync with the ps3 every time I use that.
I have already purchased games and software for this otherwise it would be returned to target.

OUYA support is abysmal and the fact everything is done through email and there is no contact number is just horrid.

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