Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is my letter to D&D regarding my suggestion.

"Every morning me and my girlfriend buy our pre work coffees from a D&D store every morning it irks me that for a medium and large i have to have a Styrofoam cup for ours. As personally (not an environmentalist) an ecologically sound person it drives me nuts to have to use this instead of the more biodegradable paper cups a small uses. I know you do this for insulation and convenience, but couldn't there be another way such as a paper cup with a foil lining or some more degradable source of insulation. Maybe even a bit thicker of a paper cup. I don't think the heat loss would be that detrimental but in case you could just give the customer the choice of which they would rather use. I have asked around and for those who share this opinion on styrofoam they would definitely go paper and just drink a little faster.
I personally have the refillable mug but don't always remember to leave with it or keep it clean but this would make a great alternative and awesome marketing."

Yeah my grammar sucks but you know what, a million years of some piece of trash for a semi hotter cup of sub par coffee sitting on our ground sucks alot more.
I posted this for two reasons
1) To see what anyone might think of the idea
2) So if it ever comes to fruition I can sue the living shit out of them for stealing my idea! C'mon suing into wealth is the American Dream!

Would you give up the insulation on your cup to help the environment? Do you think other companies would follow suit?

Styrofoam is a petroleum based semi plastic product which unlike other petro based products is NON recyclable and NEVER bio degrades. It simply just continuously breaks down into smaller particles like a rock would into sand.
This is a great image taken from another blog source


  1. Fuck you asshole. I want me coffee hot and my hand warm and i refuse to where gloves. Drill baby drill, tax the rich less they create the jobs and fuck over the 99% as much as possible.

  2. ah Jamel..... I can see your IP

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