Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The war on used game sales!


Game companies haven't found their spot to make money off used games like the car market huh?
Hey dufus I have been saying for years why don't companies offer their own used games trade/distribution sales then they have their  "in".

I realize your doing good cop bad cop in that horrid self righteous video but there is no "good" argument against used games, there is only the corps "we want more mon-ay" argument. In that respect they can go to hell and eventually die off leading the way for more indy devs and games/distribution to head the new path such as the music and movie industries are seeing happen.

In my own "opinion" we owe game companies NOTHING, and they owe us everything. We are the consumer and the more they try to f**k us with these awful examples of "intellectual property safeguards" (bunny quotes), the more I am happy to see them fall and go under left to pan handle in the streets or give rim jobs to support their families. If they work with us by trying to find a decent middle ground then I support them fully.

There are 2 ways to solve this which I have always preached

1) The devs make their own used game trade market online (but they are too lazy I guess)

2) they make 10$ online passes for all games BUT make all games 10$ less across the board. then whether you buy a game new or used your paying them directly 10$ BUT if you buy a game used its already marked down 10$ more for compensation of the 10$ new game price and I don't feel ripped off by the dev to end up paying more for a used game than a new one.

If you cant see the ease in these 2 option then go to hell and let piracy run rampart!

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