Monday, February 6, 2012

Andrew Tarantola is a bitch

That is all. Apparently THIS pic was just too much for his little heart to handle.

So he decided to ban me from Gizmodo. Honestly I hated Gizmodo for the longest time until I realized they had a pretty decent commenting system with reply confirmation. This kept me slightly entertained in my down time at work so I guess I'll actually have to be "productive" all day now. Not even like I made the image, I just looked up something on google and it popped up and warmed my cold heart. It's just fucking funny.

Well Andrew can suck a fat one


  1. So you hate Gizmodo, only visit the site to troll the boards, post stuff that violates our terms of service while simultaneously disparaging people with handicaps, all in the name of "slight entertainment," but can't wrap your mind around why I'd ban you for it. Right then, I'll let you get back to your mopping.

    1. "Honestly I hated Gizmodo for the longest time until"

      Hated is past tense... So no I don't "hate" Gizmodo so much anymore. I am much more a fan of Kotaku and IO9. That particular article did catch my fancy so I ventured over. There aren't very many articles I do like there.
      Now as for disparaging people with handicaps. Let me tell you Mr. Pretentious I have 4 (yes four) cousins who are "handicapped" and each one would laugh at this photo. Believe it or not (I see not in your part)most handicapped people are pretty funny and can see the humor in certain things and even themselves, whether or not you would seem to like placing them on an evolutionary tier below you. Apparently you think they do not have the capacity to stand up for themselves so they need "YOU" to do it for them.
      Had you simply sent me a message saying "hey man please don't post stuff like that here" I would have probably just said "cool no prob" (still called you a bitch though) and went on my marry way. Instead you chose to flex your imaginary pointer finger muscles and hit ban right away while massaging your own sack with the other hand since moderators get off on their little ban hammers to compensate for their other "little" shortcomings I suppose.
      I personally would let who ever put whatever and let the populous and god sort it out. If someone wants to post an image of a black transvestite midget being sodomized by an overweight Chinese man with a prehensile tail wearing a Klan hood by all means. Doesn't mean I agree with it or think it's funny (even though that does sound kind of funny) but I won't try to stifle someone else because I'm afraid of every one else pinching my back bone. This is one of the great crumblings of freedom of speech to be honest.
      Anyway to end this on 3 points.
      1)Dude this was posted 6 months ago why even bother responding lol.
      2)How did you find this? lol
      3)Actually despite this I don't "not like you" and do thank you for replying as it does make my ranting seem like "SOMEONE" is randomly out there listening (I dont have a FB, Twitter, ETC)

      Now to get back to my floor that apparently needs "mopping" (I now you meant moping. I'm no grammar Nazi but c'mon too good to pass up)


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