Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Um It's not the NRA's fault people

I don't quite understand why people are so obsessed with the NRA?  Did the NRA go in the school and shoot the kids? Even if the mom was a member (I honestly don't know if she was or not) it doesn't mean the organization is bad. In fact the organization is anything but bad.

They stand up for one of our amendment rights. Despite if you think guns are bad, or violent or anything they are a necessity now for protection from those who would do us harm. I ironically had my permit class the day after this incident in CT where I live and the thought I will now have trouble getting my permit because of one psycho drives me nuts. I'm sorry but when a couple of guys who break into my home and try to rob, murder, or rape (yeah I'm a decent looking guy I'd say rape'able) me I want to have a gun to shoot them back. Perhaps if the poor gentleman who lost his family a couple years ago here in CT had a gun he might have been in a better position against his assualters. GRANTED his family was educated on them well. Now this makes my second point.

Now having a gun does not "save your life", there is also the need to educate users on them. That includes everyone in your home, children to adult. This doesn't mean giving children access to them but just letting them know about it's function and dangers. Education on firearms is one of the NRA's most effective uses. Why you expect them to suddenly walk with heads bowed is beyond me. They don't MAKE guns, they just advocate your right as a US citizen to own one to protect yourself or for recreation.

The problem is not the guns, its the people and lack of proper punishment for those who would attack another with them. Last year we had the Dark Knight shooter. Where did he go? Shouldn't he be dead by now? He will probably die of old age before he is ever sentenced. They have decided to take him out of the media in order to slide a possible insanity sentence out with minimal public outrage. Guess as long as he's charged while a new season of Idol is on most people won't know no a days anyway.

For this incident the person was the mom really who is at fault. She KNEW her son was not "right" and still gave him access to these guns. Who really knows in the end how he got them. Maybe she didn't have them locked up, maybe her dumb ass let him know the combo, or maybe she was cleaning them and he got his hands on them. Either way, in his presence they should have been under compelte lock down regardless of how much she trusted him. 
BUT had he not had guns he would have used something else. He had a plan and wanted it completed. He would have used home made explosives, or melee weaponry (like the weekly China Knifings), or even burned the school down. Thing is you cant stop someone who has a death head. They will do their job BUT if you take away my right to arm you now make me a helpless victim. "Call the cops you say", well look at police response time, or what if you cant call the cops?
Maybe if one trustworthy person in the school also had a gun things would have turned out differently. 

Thing of why the second amendment was created. To allow people to take up arms against a government that would look to oppress them. Now think if gun control will keep illegal guns out of criminals hands? There is no true good outcome to restricting a decent person from being armed. 
Well lets say the people in this article would be MUCH LESS well off.

There are numerous stories about this.
SO STOP BLAMING AND CRUCIFYING the NRA! In my opinion you should be making it easier to get a permit and firearm NOT harder. The more good and educated armed people that are out there is the only way to stop the bad ones.

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