Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh where oh where has my signal gone?

 Is it just me or is it that with every firmware/baseband update apple releases my older device becomes more and more a piece of shit?

I went to the ATT store today and walked up to 2 3GS displays on older firmware and compared the signal to my own. Let me say there was a DRAMATIC difference.
Be it yes you should have to update devices eventually but really then why are they still selling 3GS's?
A 3GS is not that old and if you don't want to be suckered into another 2 year contract your paying up to around 400 plus bucks for a new phone.
I think if apple wants to send out these updates they should be tested better because there is NO WAY for me to go back to my old software that worked fi.... well not fine but better than it does now.

Apple and ATT suck my ass.
Both these images were taken next to each other at the EXACT same time in the EXACT same place. I know CT coverage for ATT sucks balls anyway but c'mon, this is getting retarded.

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