Friday, August 19, 2011

Ghost Rider 2

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - TRAILER

I grew up on Ghost Rider. Loved the Johnny Blaze version and even as Campy as the Ketch version was I loved him too. I was young and a flaming skull on a motorcycle was just too bad ass for my little undies to contain.

I wanted to be him. He truly was the ONLY comic I monthly collected like ritual. I prayed to what ever god would listen to release a movie but understood effects for a character like that would be impossible.
 I swore the day a movie was released I would get a tattoo in his honor.

Then the day came. I went and got my tattoo. Its a special edition comic cover of grand detail. In fact unless you KNOW GR (I call him GR, we have it good like that) you would just think its a flaming skull. Then I went to see the movie. I dragged my good friend Marc with me as he was pretty interested as well. 114 minutes later I could not apologize enough. This movie was the biggest piece of shit I ever saw. Marc Steven Johnson took my child hood hero and jammed a fist up his ass and gave him the pink sock of a century. The movie was AWFUUUUUUUUUUUL! I was so disappointed I almost asked Marc to drag me home behind the car in hopes my tattoo would be scraped off. But I had hope in my hero, it wasn't his fault. It was the directors and Nic Cages for giving such a lack luster performance it almost put me to sleep.

Well a few years later we have it's reboot/sequel. And if you took the time to watch the trailer above you can see it looks pretty fucking bad ass, BUT WAIT, didn't the first one in the trailers to?
Well Mark S J got the boot to the ass, thank god. I mean what did you expect to get from the guy who made Dare Devil?
On the helm are Marc Neveldine and Brian Taylor who have some action packed titles under their belt, whether they are good or not is debatable since I have seen none of them.

But I plead this PLEASE do this character justice. Stray from the corny predictable sequences that plagued the first. Have a real Villian. We never got to see Blackheart in his true form in the first one and if you can try to re explain his origin as the first destroyed it.
I  mean Mephisto just decides to go to Johnny Blaze for no reason? In the comics Johnny accidentally summoned him. They could have has something like this happen, its a fucking carnival, I am sure there is a gypsy lady in there.

There was so much wrong with the first that I ended up writing my own script re write myself (well more a plot line/out line). I could go on for hours how just the thought of the first film gives me explosive diarrhea..... wait... uh oh... okay never mind, whew!

What did you think of it? Do you have hopes for this one?

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