Friday, August 19, 2011

DC Universe online free to play? - UPDATE

I have wanted to play this game since a year before it came out when they started pumping videos.
It's now about 7 months in and I officially have "0" hours logged.

The game is riddled with awful reviews and dwindling populations. The urge has not left yet but amidst these reviews the 15$ a month sub price is to hefty for me to experiment. Recently I have been reading articles that are trying to push this game to go F2P which I think is a great idea.
Honestly my cheapness aside it really would be a great idea and I have already planned out how to do it which would make it fair to both consumers and devs.

For everyone who has openly payed for the subscriptions they get to keep everything they have earned to this point where as the new f2p people will start with the minimum available stuff f2p usually initially offers and you buy what you want separately (outfits, powers, ETC.). On top of that new people have to pay a 10$ one time fee for the service to get started. Everyone who had a sub by passes this.

f2p seems the only plausible way to help this game before it dies, tho I think this game would have been MUCH better as a full fledged disk game with a story and co op online with friends over an MMO, but what do I know.

UPDATED 9/19/2011:

Should DCUO go F2P?

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