Monday, July 9, 2012

DMAA BAN,3-dimethylamylamine

So the FDA Banned DMAA due to the death of two service men who were found to be using the suppliment and working out.

I use Oxy Elite Pro and let me tell you this shit is AMAZING! I have turned several people on to the fat burner and they love it as well. None of us have dropped dead yet! Let me also tell you I have a cousin who is a marine and met a dozen military personnel in Peurto Rico this year on vacation and ANY of them will tell you the vast amount of illegal muscle boosters they use. My cousin tells stories of storing steroids in the refrigerators next to food and "as long" as they hide the label with a taped pepsi cover no questions are asked. Maybe the military should look into this aspect of their troops and how easy it is to OD on roids to obtain a heart attack. But I doubt they will do that because they want their troops roidy and angry.

Leave my god DAMN Oxy Elite Pro alone. I work out 3 to 4 times a week, eat great and supplement a few pills a days to help burn off that extra welp that won't go away. I'm tired of this shit where the government wants to tell me what I can use or not, because some idiot who doesn't read instructions and mixes things that shouldn't be end up floating upside down, OR MAYBE those friggin 20 mile daily runs are just to much. I'll BET the two military guys probably weren't that fit to begin with or even had asthma and were overworked by the army and they are using the DMAA as an excuse to not get SUED!


Asshole FDA!

I'm also disgusted at these fucking jewy lawyers (I know they're not ALL JEWS before you all open your mouths!) trying to start inane class action suits under the guise of community help.

Maybe we should ban peanuts since so many people die every year due to nut allergies, OR FINALLY BAN Cigarettes because oft hat whole you know cancer thing.

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