Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Chicks AWESOME


And we can all be pleasantly enthralled knowing the two guys will probably be safer in jail than out now BUT at the same time you're a 17 year old girl and going to a drinking party with boys..... I'm not saying you deserved anything but there is a level of common sense young girls seem to be lacking at times. Sense that to me just seems like every day logic but when I explain to them the shoulds and should nots they look at me with the most perplexed eyes.

I had a conversation with an extended family member (we'll say) who was going out to a bar, under age (by about a year and half), with her friends, and all dressed like skanks. The parents knew and thought it was cute and safe because there were 4 of them to look out for each other.

When they told the story in front of the parents about the last time they were out and guys tried to give them drinks but they were so smart because they only accepted drinks the bar tender handed them I returned with "okay you fucking dumb ass what if the bar tender is the guys buddy and slips a roofie in the drink for him and gives it to you?" they looked at me like I had 3 heads....

Young girls have to get it out of their heads they are the equal of young boys and can do what boys do because they can't and it's a very dangerous to keep that over inflated ego/trust smoking over the reality of life.

Still good for her and maybe she will be an example to others, especially that poor girl like 2 years ago who passed out at a prom and was raped by like 10 guys.......

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