Monday, April 15, 2013

Cutting the cord

So the umbilical cord has finally been cut. And let me say the cable company screamed and cried like a newborn to try and keep us. But alas with a ps3, roku, acer media server nettop, like 4 tablets, hulu, netflix, etc etc it just did not seem feasible to actually have cable in this age. Judging by the reaction of the rep on the phone they know it as well and are beginning to feel it.
One rep just out right rude and told me "we upped our fees...... well sir I like my current wage and in order to keep that going up its not unreasonable to me the company raise some fees....."

Fuck you you whore, I hope you get VAG cancer and die.....

 Anyway, I never watched cable anyway, I always downloaded my shows or used the web in some fashion.Just too busy for it to be on my schedule and I found DVR and onDemand just useless if you know where else to look for it better, faster, and sooner (6 million dollar man music).

So lets see how this goes but the post is a bit 2 parted.

First Ill start with some of the usual suspects to turn to in place of cable and I'm going to go Roku well because thats what I have. I HAVE a ps3 but the Roku fits this better.

Of course there is HULU+ and Netflix. Those do take subscriptions but they're reasonable, especially if you figure out ways to offset the cost a bit, which also plays in with the HBO GO I use on it (I'm sorry but I can't give the HBO GO trick away..... "everything I say is for entertainment purposes!).

Now aside those there are a few good first party ROKU channels but not many. But they are there. The real meat comes from 3rd party apps.

A few GREAT ones are
NoWhereMan TV - which has a TON of great online material from so many sources it seems endless. ADULT SWIM ANYONE!?

PlayTo - Have to test this but it supposedly is a nice airplay clone which will let you stream content, including web content, from an android device to the Roku. I will let you know how it goes.

PLEX media server - free media server for streaming local network material and even some web stuff, but the web stuff can be finicky.

TWONKY -This little app host a a few good channels but mainly it's YOUTUBE you want. It will let you (again) airplay style stream youtube material from your android device to the Roku.... "oh boy yay Youtube...... plssssst" (thumb down motion). Let me tell you to go on youtube and look up a few shows you like.... more than likely they are there and its streams pretty damn well, even in mid quality.

As I find some more I'll post them but feel free to post any links or material for fellow cord cutters.

Now my second portion of the post.
 One channel I find interesting is the Time Warner channel.

Time Warner Cable
Developer: TWC
Now you can watch live TV right through your Roku. As a TV customer with Time Warner Cable, you can access up to 300 channels of live TV easily, and for free, with your Roku. Enjoy Bravo, Food Network, your favorite premium channels and original series, sports, news programming and hundreds more. Find and watch your shows by browsing the channel guide by genre and view detailed program descriptions with photos and cast information. You can quickly and easily find what you want through your recently viewed and favorite channels. You just need to have TWC’s standard TV service (or higher) and an Internet connection (customers without Time Warner Cable Internet service should contact customer care for set-up assistance).

Programming is subject to availability in your area and the video package to which you subscribe. You’ll also need your TWC ID to Sign In. If you don’t have one yet, just visit to quickly sign up.

Available on Roku 3, All Roku 2 Models, Roku LT, Roku HD (2500X) and the Roku Streaming Stick.

 Honestly why cant cable companies provide, via the net and these boxes, their services at competing rates? Why cant Time Warner say "Hey we want to offer this set of channels at half of Comcast" (Yes Comcast I'm looking at you you fuckers!) and then I can stream them through my net connection to my box. Even going so far as to a la carte a few. To me this seems like a possible gold mine and just plain good sense from a consumer stand point, BUT then again cable companies never were very good at looking at life through consumers eyes. I know because I used to work for Cablevision of CT. Not only do they pump so much bull shit into the media about their "costs" (bullshit) they provide free everything to their employees so they never bother looking at the truth. The employee is so happy with free shit they just put blinders on and pick their nose until they lose it. I don't honestly blame them.

 Anyway the second half was short. 


  1. Something else just popped in my head. WHY do we need to have to pay for the starter package which basically includes all OTA channels you can get for free? WHY can't I say "start my package at cartoon network and end at comedy central"?

    I see no legal reason I should be forced to pay the 24$ (price for basic service) when I can get the FOUR channels worth it on there with a free digital antenna.

  2. Why would time Warner compete with cable vision when the could continue to bleed there customers dry. Attempting to compete with another competitor would drive costs down but hurt the bottom line.


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