Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Viva la go the fuck home

 Thousands to rally for immigrants' path to citizenship

YAY so you all treat your own countries like SHIT, can't straighten them out so you just decide to bombard this one so it inevitably becomes ANOTHER YOU!
What common F'N SENSE IS THIS!?
C'mon why do you want to come here? Why is it such an appeal? Is it the free programs that the rest of tax payers have to pony up for?
Why is it SO MUCH more appealing to force us to accept YOU than just make your own country WORK?
Can ONE give me a decent answer?

You know I'm a cynical person and used to honestly say "meh" with immigration but recently this country is in no shape for more. I have seen the majority of people who come here and they are all on some kind of assistance I am paying for. Their neighborhoods look like shit, and they breed like cockroaches! 
Here's my immigration reform.

You get one year free immigration. You can jump on a program and get some initial help, BUT IF after one year you have not gotten off said program and bettered yourself then you are sent back, NO QUESTIONS!

I think that is fair. If you are on ONE piece of assistance then you and whatever breed you spawned go home, YOUR HOME.... not this one.

Maybe then you can all get your own countries in order!

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