Thursday, April 4, 2013

CT - home of the retarded!

Despite gun-control push, more states have cut back on gun regulations since Newtown

Okay I live in CT, thak all you residents for making me HAVE to spend more money on a background check to buy my gun when I JUST spent money on a background check to get my permit!!!!! JUST DID
It's great living in the most expensive state that just gets more expensive.
When our gun manufacturers leave who is now going to pay all the unemployed? OH WE WILL which will tax me more.

Okay IM STARTING IT HERE... Class action law suit against CT so they will have to pay off my houses and I can move the hell out of this awful awful state of Connectishit

Ugh you people make me sick! Your all self centered, self righteous, lunatics who deserved to be victims of home invasions!

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