Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dead Island Riptide = WASTE OF MONEY!

Bought DI-R with a buddy and let me say it's just mo tha same.

This SHOULD NOT have been a 50-60 dollar game. At most it should have been a 20$ expansion.

The game is EXTREMELY short and there is nothing new. Yes they added boats but they SUCK.

Let's do the preverbial good to bad


Well if you liked the first and got this for free then hey have at it.

The online is still good/same but I did not experience the freeze ups the first was riddled with.


Importing your character from the first is useless. It Only imports your levels and skills, but NO WEAPONS. So in effect what this does is pit you against level 40+ zombies with level 2 weapons! Importing is basically hard mode. You will die and die A LOT from importing. I imported and my friend did not. My zombies where invincible meth heads compared to his. Unfortunately before I figured this out I was pretty far and not interested in re starting.

Endless zombies.... Who ever thought this was a good idea was sniffing something. You literally can watch and endless flow of zombies flood out of certain houses. WHERE are they all hiding? Is it a clown house?

Same enemies. No really its just the same enemies with like TWO new ones.

The boats suck. They are hard to control, not needed and annoying. Not to mention you are steering through drowner infested water. As passenger you can not attack oncoming zombies and will find yourself pulled into the water more often than not while your driver doesn't even realize and keeps going.

IT THE SAME GAME! Nothing new, in fact most of the areas in the first were more fun.

SHORT SHORT SHORT SHORT SHORT! There had better be some free DLC for pre order people because this was not a game, it was an EXPANSION! We literally finished the entire game with all sides in like 10 or less hours. There is no need to do NG+. Funny this game has NG+ but dishonored didn't. I know its not the same devs but what does the industry as a whole think now a days.

Fighting is still clunky. This wasn't bad because in the first you were leveling with the enemies and could always just hop on a car and smash their heads with an axe in relative safety but in this, again if you import, you are fighting super strong enemies with a nerf bat.

The story is pretty lame compared to the first. It jumps all over the place with no real progression on any particular point. Characters are met and then dispatches with or not seen until the end with little or no reason to their even being there.

WHY DOES EVERYONE in the damn group have to talk to me every time I walk by?! They all repeat the same phrase ad nauseum until I am swinging my club at their head HOPING to put them out of whatever dementia loop they are caught in. "Canned food is all we have here"

Just make a strong poison Kitana and there you have the only weapon needed throughout the game.

Final boss sucked. They should have really had some cool bosses. They introduced mutagen yet did not really take advantage of it with any novel boss fights.

Sam B is still more racially annoying than anything Ive ever seen, and I'm a pretty insensitive guy. I think it would have been cool to get like DMX for this role and used his voice. Not that Phil Lamar is bad but I just found the character SSOOOOOO annoying.

Lastly (but not last) how the FUCK do I rid myself of this?!
The supposed setting is off on my and my buddy's system yet it persists in forcing fucking facebook down our throats!

In the end there is so much fundamentally wrong with this game as a "game" and not an addon to the first I could only see myself giving this 3 out of a 10 brand new full price.
If you can grab a copy for 15 to 20 bucks it would jump itself to maybe a 7 out of 10.\


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