Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gooogle Paid TV - nothing good yet but it'll get there (fingers crossed)

WHY cant we get straight al la carte programming cheap with adverts. I actually enjoy commercials and Hulu has that stuff down to an enjoyable science.
Me and the GF recently cut the cord but where I am tech savy enough to enjoy giving the big middle finger to comcast (yes I still pay them internet and they own part of HULU) she still has a bit of trouble managing the devices.
I would love to see google partner a deal with some real channels such as FOOD, HGTV, Cartoon Network, History, Discovery, ETC to get me some channels at like 2$ a month with commericals still in there to subsidize my discount.
C'mon google get to conquering the world already so I can get cheap TV.
I also had an idea for subsidized cell service using commercials as the waiting to pickup ring.

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