Friday, May 3, 2013

Municipal workers are the WORST kind of employee

My Evening
So I’m back from vaca in PR and went to finally get my picture for my permit yesterday evening because just like any state or city run facility hours for this are complete SHIT!
I drive from New Haven to Bridgeport at 4:30PM after work to make it to the state trooper barracks for my permit. I make it there at about 4:45 and get in the line only to realize that my birth certificate is missing….. I went back to my car and its NO WHERE! So I am one I.D. short of being able to complete this.
I decide “fuck it no biggy” the probate courthouse is around the corner I’ll just go get another copy it’s before 5PM and I have the 5 bucks. I go to the courthouse, park and pay the meter and the door is locked, “is it closed already???? It’s Thursday and they should have late hours”
I go around the building to the other door. Also Locked! Then I see a nice big sign that’s says they closed the building and it move to 999 broad street. Okay I can see Broad Street but don’t know where 999 is since NOTHING in Bridgeport ever has an address in front. I get back in my car, pissed I paid a meter but hey.
 I drive up and down Broad ONLY to find that the fucking building is RIGHT BEHIND where I parked, so Time wasted. I get out and RUN to the new courthouse since I have like 4 minutes. I get inside and ask the guard where it is and he says “sorry they closed”.
“Yes they close at 4:30 every day now”
Not ONLY that but he informed me there was a slight increase in the price for a birth certificate copy…. TO TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS!

He laughed and said he remembered when it was 5$. Hey gold grill last time I got one it was TWO! I got irate and yelled at the workers that this treatment towards citizens is why I left Bridgeport and I’m glad to see it’s keeping up the tax tax tax system they have created because it just means everyone will eventually leave and all you worthless employees will be fucking fired! (mind you I’m writing this at work…. Zing)
So I drive ALL the way back to East Haven to get my passport to use and FLY back to Bridgeport at 85mph all the time using my phone! “I fought the law”
I step in and get back in the new longer line, BUT hey I made it before the doors closed at 7pm.
Me and the few people in front strike up conversation because, hey, I’m a charming and dashing character of a man and it just seems the line IS NOT moving. I figure I’m going to be in there until 8:30PM at this rate but hey it needs to be done.
Slow, SLOOOOOOOOOWLY one by one it comes down to one guy, a girl and me (a pizza place) and we are UBER excited that we are so close JUST to have some guy we never even saw go in step out, yes they were taking so long that he was there before all of us. He was kind enough to say “Guys you may be waiting around for nothing because she closes at 10 of 7”. Our jaws dropped and so did the head fat 80 year old woman working in the window.  Aw SHIT she got caught out!
We were pissed, they were still taking forever for no apparent reason and she would give us no info until one more guy stepped out and we asked.
“Why did it take you so long?”
“Oh they’re running background checks”
WHAT!?!?!? WHA WHA WHAAAAAAAAAAT! WTF Did I pay for a federal background check for in the application process if I’m getting one done NOW?! I texted my friends who already got their permits there and they verified NONE of them had to go through this it was simply walk in, snap a photo and leave…. 10 minutes TOPS!
So it happened…. 7PM and the fat old hag steps out and says she’s closed. We all became irate.
“What do we do? You cant take the last 3 of us?!”
“Oh no I’m sorry but I only work until 7 and I don’t get paid overtime” ["THE LAW WON!"]
She wasn’t sorry, I could see that bitch got gratification from this shit.
The poor girl in front of me said it took her 2 hours to drive there but fuck the old skank didn’t care, and what can you do? If you get bitchy then they mark you and you don’t get your permit. But let me say when I went outside the whole city heard my mouth, It was a bunch of F bombs, spouting how the city/state is run like shit and maybe even a few racial slurs just for good measure.
Anyway this entire write up is leading me to this.
WHY is an 80 year old lazy POS still behind a counter? We have an epidemic of young people looking for work and this kind of crap is rampart in the state. This state is run by old senile obsolete mechanoids who can’t be forced out due to discrimination and won’t step aside to let young people take the jobs because they have it to damn cushy.
They act like they can’t be touched and let you know it. They have ZERO compassion and treat you like shit. They can’t be fired so complaining is worthless.
So again you have compassionless, untouchable robots running your most intricate of information. Don’t believe me then go to any CT DMV.
The so called “Hard Ass” Gov Malloy here said he would correct some of that… but hey politics as usual, he made two silent farts, got some backlash and moved to gun control as his big “thing”.
He now got caught using our money for trips he now has to pay back….. This guy is a tool.
Our city officials are tools.
Our state workers are tools.
Everyone wants too much and will give nothing up to let the next person get a little something. Our unions here want obscene pay because they see the pay and benefits the non union people get. WHY do they get this?!?!?!? I work in a municipality…. Kind of…. And let me say I came from the corporate world and this work is crap.
My tenant is the same. He just came from corporate to the state and says he actually feels guilty at how LITTLE they all actually do, which my girlfriend has also said in the same position.
Our local (possibly federal also) government is simply 10 guys all sliding a piece of paper down a straight table to each other until it falls off the edge and the wind catches it.
GET RID of these people who have been in employment and can collect their pensions already, get some young people who have the desire to work and ethic to help people get in. Let people with energy and edge who want to get shit done start stepping up. I’m sorry but as uncorporate as I am it does pay to spend some time in that world just for the ethic and drive it gives you. Me and my GF have rapidly moved up in our fields because of our work ethic over those who started in municipal jobs and just coast through.
And we both go home and talk about how these people whine at how much their jobs suck and they hate it there yet me and her and the few people we know who started in the working world are actually feeling underutilized and a tad wasted away. We laugh at them and how before this employment we never even knew what “sick days” were or that you could get more than ONE week of vacation, OR THAT you could get days off for a president friggin birthday!
The reason this is so irate is because this is what you all pay for. Me, you and everyone. And they just keep going up!
Gas tax keeps going up in this state. Property taxes keep going up in this state. State workers pensions and wages keep going up in this state. Union contracts keep getting more expensive in this state. New York is now putting out commercials to get resident to move from CT to NY due to the major difference in taxes. This state is a broke joke run by cranky old people who apparently don’t want to work there in the first place.
I say (and I said it very loud in the parking lot of the trooper barracks) this state needs to be burned to the ground (preferable with everyone in it) and started again…. Just go Chernobyl on CT!

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