Thursday, May 16, 2013

My letter to HGTV - Now with a response UPDATED

In today's age why don't regular channels go the HULU format and just start offering their online content for a meager fee with commercials (or free with more commercials!), I personallly like commercials.

I decided to write this letter to HGTV since its the ONE channel my GF can not live without since we've cut cable.
I have set up PLEX but its so temperamental and even thought about getting an Apple TV  just so she could airplay from her ipad but we already have rokus and the HGTV app on the ipad is even more tempermental.

I (and many others I presume) would probably love to pay like 2$ a channel directly form the station itself, just to get what we like when we like and not have to pay cable companies insane prices. Let them deal with the broadband and leave the TV to the pros.

Here is my note, hopefully I get some kind of response.

"Dear HGTV (not actually sure how to forward this)

We recently disconnected our cable and decided to go ROKU. We are loving it and really see no reason to ever get cable again as the cost was just to much for use in this economy.
But my personal issues aside, the ONE channel my girlfriend (we own a home together) wishes we could still get is HGTV. I personally am not a massive fan but there are a few good things on there.
There was at once an HGTV app for the device albeit 3rd party but we missed that boat before it was removed.

My question is do you have any plans to unleash a ROKU app for your channel. All in all it would be a gold mine at even 2$ a month with commercials included (such as hulu does).
I cant see why most channels do not take advantage of this format such as Travel, Food, cartoon network ETC.

Just a curious question and hopefully something that might save me from a future aneurism from listening to why we dont have HGTV anymore.


Update 5/24/13

I GOT A RESPONSE! Honestly it's a fair a decent one at that.

Hi Tyler,

Thank you for contacting us!

At this time, there are no immediate plans to offer a channel through Roku (though it is possible in the future).  Scripps Networks Interactive is currently exploring multiple forms of digital distribution. A public announcement of a digital distribution contractual agreement with an MSO (Multiple System Operator), lifestyle website, or an over-the-top service provider has yet to be released. However, as this medium is an attractive and value based opportunity for both our consumer and company, please stay tuned for further details as we are investigating all three categories for opportunities!

Thank you again for your interest!

Best regards,

Scripps Networks Interactive Customer Service

SCRIPPS NETWORKS INTERACTIVE - the Leader in Lifestyle Media
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So honestly its not disqualified.... I guess.
I think personally the streaming boxes are just the initial future wave for television.
It would be great to FINALLY just have to purchase your internet through competing providers and receive your TV sub through ANY provider running a good promotion or just directly from the channel source.
Yet I believe we would DEF NEED some consumer protection by the government to be sure internet providers wouldn't start GOUGING the shit out of consumers since they would be losing the cable revenue.
In the end your network would remove the brunt from distributing cable TV to handle the load of your internet service so its a wash minus some new equipment but hey you should have honestly planned for this instead of buying new fancy gifts for yourselves so don't even think of upping costs.

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