Monday, February 24, 2014

Hulu - Misfits

So heroes was on a few years ago and then SUCKED after a season. Finally went off the air and never truly ended. News is out that it being revived for another season with new characters but if you NEED your super powered a-hole fix and can't wait PLEASE check out Misfits on HULU.

Its become one of our favorite shows, especially due to Robert Sheehans character being such as ass.
The show is about a group of young people all put together for community service of petty crimes. From this a freak storm gives them (among other people in the city) super powers of varied sorts from awesome to just stupid. From there of course odd situations arise from the death of their probation officer to past relationships coming to haunt them.

Give it a shot which would be at least 2 to 3 episodes to get past Lauren Socha's abhorrent accent, but when you do its super fun to figure out what the pikey is saying.

I would actually say this show is far superior to Heroes in every way and the character development and bonding is great. Im on the 2nd season now and I have read Sheehan leaves after season 2 which will suck so hopefully it retains its charm.

Misfits on Hulu

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