Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CAL Grant

Why is it this country feels the need to give out legitimate tax payer dollars to others who are not legitimate tax payers. Sure illegals pay sales tax on items but for the most part they jump on social programs or undercut others for needed jobs.

In the end they cost this country more than its worth to educate them. What kills me is that they come here because they can not  get their own countries in order. Why not fix your own country instead of coming here and making us... YOU!

Little by little those who actually pay into the system get less and less in return while those who come here for the "American Dream" (no longer for American's) reap the benfits.

But what pisses me off the most is that everyone just sits by and lets it happen. No one says anything and if they do it's because they are "racist" or "unsympathetic".
Well then call me both. I worked my ass off. Got no grants for school. I have 20K in school loans, which is moderately low because
1) I went to community college because I was poor as crap
2) Chose a bland career path I wasn't truly interested in because the one I would have truly wanted was to pricey to attain... medical

But hey fuck it, Ill sit in my cube typing this dribble and just go see a once illegal Mexican Doctor instead. Why should "I", you know someone who works hard and pays taxes actually get to achieve what they want.

These people should not be getting education grants. They should be given temp green cards and work for school like I did, AT MOST. Let them apply for loans like the rest of us have to. Why do they get special treatment. Half of us grew up just as poor as they did.

People can we PLEASE just start standing up for ourselves.

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