Monday, September 30, 2013

SplatterHouse 2010!

As a fan of the original Splatterhouse I played on my Turbo Graphix when I was like SEVEN (yes I had pretty open minded lazy parents), I could not wait to play the remake on my 360/PS3.

I remember playing all the sequels on my genesis but still I was never satiated  and when I heard of the remake I was ecstatic.

Now here is usually when my writing takes it reverse turn and I bash something..... BUT WAIT.

The game was awesome to be honest.

Yes it got shoddy reviews but honestly WTF do they know. The game was solid with good controls, fun action, great visuals, and an amazing sound track (if you like rock/metal).
The story was done amazingly well since really the original had no actual story aside rescuing your girl from some devil worshiping psychic psycho.

This game built in lost loves, brutality of trying to reclaim the impossible, time travel, story twists, mythos, weird horror/scyfi elements and experiments and some really interesting characters. The mask alone was worth the play.

In the original the mask was just simply a terror mask, but here it had personality and purpose.

"I want the corrupted to know it was ME who stopped, them!" was one of the best lines ever.

The reviews claimed of repetitive controls and lack of development but really for a hack n slash the controls were fun, the upgrade system was nice, and the finishers were graphic. Yes parts could get a but recycled but you didn't always HAVE to complete a kill with a finisher and there were a ton of unlockable combos and moves.

The Boss fights were really creative and visually fantastic and the additional 2D side scrolling levels really broke it all up nicely.

Chainsaw Man alone is worth the cult revisit

All in all it supposedly didn't meet financial expectations and a sequel was squashed but man the game left off on a cliff hanger and I want more, I think most people who gave it a chance want more.

The game can be bought for dirt cheap and if you have never played it def give it a shot.

Dont expect HORROR, expect cheasy Living Dead, Army of Darkness camp horror. Go in with that and you will walk out extremely satisfied.

To be honest I want a Walking Dead episodic style sequel more than a full on game release. Let me buy in chunks and play as I pay.
I think with this type of format a cult game like this could thrive. Personally I played on my 360 but I think I may rebuy it on my playstation and play through again.

Did you play it? What did you Think?

Do you want a sequel?

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