Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Really? REALLY!?

Financial aid sought for undocumented students in Connecticut

I'm sorry... no wait; NO I'M NOT!
I didn't get help, I have a shit load of financial aid to pay off so why should I also have to pay for undocumented students????

People seriously we had thousands of whiny morons just march the capital about "gun control" yet how many of them would get off their duffs to march for this???

I'm willing and if you are please get in contact through here and get others and lets buy the poster board, wood and start picketing!

Heres a list to email the state reps


I did, I emailed the main Andres and cc'd the others.

My letter to them? Meeeeeeeeeeh let's not overly nit pick my punctuation I was a bit angry


Under what right do you believe undocumented people should be given tax money for school when I myself had to pay my own way through? It what way do you feel this is fair to those who are fully legal and can not afford schooling. At what point does tax money paid by real legal citizens begin to be spent on the thing those who actually pay in want?
Also what planet do you live on? I will make this my goal to see that it DOES NOT pass as it is a slap in the face to everyone who has a student loan!
You are a disgust to any office. How many votes do you think this will get you when half of these people can not even legally vote? Wow you astound me and not in a good way.
Everyone who I have sent this proposal to from this article
Is appalled at what you are trying and we are now passing it on to everyone we now and asking them to email you in hopes you see just how stupid you sound with this thought process.

"State Rep. Andres Ayala, D-Bridgeport, proposes that all students eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status, receive financial aid if they need it to ensure that the system is fair and treats everyone equally."

Its not equal because they dont belong here to begin with. If I go to their country will I get food stamps, financial aid, financial support for housing, and many of the other programs being abused?


And something else to lament over at the end
Tuition to increase at state universities and colleges

Let's also fill in the Ayalas are a pretty tight group in BPT.
Look at his cousin Christina who is also an elected rep.
Arrested for Assualt
Arrested for DUI
During the entire court proceedings she was so kind to smack on gum the entire time at the judge and told the arresting officers "I am too important now to deal with you" while she drive drunk, hit a parked car with 2 children in the back.

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  1. Many states are trying to pass similar measures right now. I think this measure is just half ass.


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