Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taxes to pay for kids

As an adult who never had kids and does not want any why am I forced to pay taxes for programs for kids?
I think it's a tad unfair that someone who was able to intelligently enough hide his sperm from nefarious uses has to pay the same as someone who decides, or accidentally has multiple kids. Why am I paying taxes on school, parks, adolescent programs, child welfare programs, taxes on lazy deadbeat parents who take far to much advantage of state and federal allowances, ETC ETC!
To me if I am not utilizing these services then I should not be paying for them.
I use roads, and civil services, I will pay for those..... FUCK WHY NOT just let companies start sending me bills for products I don't own.
Here's your cable bill even though you don't have service with us, this is a courtesy bill so some other assholes kid can enjoy Nickelodeon!
NOT TO MENTION these people get way to many write offs for pumping these gremlins out. Where are my write offs?

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