Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Kill - Video Game Idea

I would love to see an assassination game where like 30 people are lumped into a room under the guise of roles, like guards, targets and assassins.
You don't know whos AI or whos the real assassin and its everyone's job to figure it out and stop them before they kill their target, who could also be AI or human.
I think it could be fun questioning guests until you possibly find the real human target. 
The assassin could have special abilities like jumping and climbing where the guards have numbers.

There could be mysteries in the kill ass well like decoys, and protective measures. Each catagory could be privy to certain info given to them at the beginning of the game which could be used to help question, disqualify and help coordinate plans, given who you could trust.
Anyone have other ideas to add?

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