Monday, July 22, 2013

PS4 Dev Thrashes GameStop’s Business Model

Boo hoo. I just bought Bioshock Inf and Borderlands 2 new because they were on sale for dirt cheap, and to buy used was only a 3$ savings. Only reason I bought new.

I Also traded in 3 POS games I paid WAY to much for (Sorcery ANYONE! Dead Island Riptide.... bleck). 40$ for sorcery new and 55$ for riptide new! Wasted on two unenjoyable POS games with way to much promotion.

Sorry but I only buy used or way past release to save the money. Its not our job as consumers to support you its our job to get the best bang for our buck. YOU want our business then start making buying new more appealing. Dont strip things from used sales like online passes because that makes the majority mad.

You think you dont make enough from your publishers and management then you deal with it. Make a union group for all devs if you feel so strongly but stop blaming the consumer and used game market for your own short falls and mismanagement.

Make the games cheaper on release and then you will get those first bang sales before used even becomes an issue.

Im not spending 60$ anymore on something that I may hate (Dark Souls, but loved demons souls) just to NOT have a return policy and be stuck with it. PS yes used games also entitles you to a return policy.

Learn something there, no return policy just tells me you have NO FAITH in your product and cant risk the return.

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