Tuesday, April 8, 2014



"House Democrats unveiled their response to Paul Ryan's GOP budget on Monday, and it relies on a $1.5 trillion in higher taxes over the coming 10 years and the economic benefits of immigration reform to make the numbers work.

The plan by Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen counts on hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenues from an influx of immigrant workers to help reduce deficits to the $600 billion range by 2024."

Were going to bring "IN" immigrant workers???? So we tax the immigrant workers on their peasely $8 an hour while leaving the american worker out to rot? Why not get rid of the immigrants and let Americans do the work at livable wages and tax that??? We are going to let immigrants stay to tax their wages YET still pay into every welfare system they use and STILL tax the national Americans MORE that are now out of work due to this???? #$%$!
If Im missing something here in the way they presented this plan PLEASE let me know

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