Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fuck the world!

As if I havent been pissed enough already for various reasons I sit to watch Inside Amy Schumer last night (because Im a glutton for awful skit punishment) to once again hear a schlock at the lowly bass player.......

46 seconds in.

"I sleep on a futon, Ive been using the same brita for 3 years, my room mate is a BASSIST"

When did the bass literally become such a massive joke, cop out, bull shit thing to play? Was it always and I was just ignorantly blind or did it just get worse in the 90s?

No where have I ever seen a bass player being portrayed as cool.
Darma and Greg even made fun of them.
Simpsons made fun of them
Just Shoot Me (yes I used to watch it) has made fun of them
The internet mockery is EVERYWHERE!
Audience members mock them (Except this guy of course)

Its obnoxious because to be noticed being a bass player you have to be INSANELY good.... like THIS good

AND as good as he is look at the people in the window reflection. They could care less he exists!

Yet you could be a mediocre singer and guitar player at best and be considered great......

Fuck you world. I hope this Crimea thing turns into WW3 AND FOUR and we all nuke ourselves finally.

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