Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welfare Kids?

Why can people have kids, and barely pay into the system by maintaining a poverty level life style yet still claim their kids? Those who use SNAP, free Medical, Education Assistance, ETC ETC can still file taxes and claim children for returns.

Why can't I claim them? The way I see it is most every other person in the country is paying into the system to support YOUR kids so I should be able to partake in that sweet juicy write off. I am single with no kids yet still have to pay into the systems that these parents/children utilize yet never need them nor will, myself. Not only that I am in a MUCH higher tax bracket since Im seen as having the extra income since I was intelligent enough to pull out.

Where is the logic here?

I think those who HAVE kids should pay more since YOU are using the services I am not.

Having children is a choice, and those who CHOOSE to have them adopt the responsibility to pay more into the system. Perhaps if we did start taxing people for what they use more people would use it more intelligently.

"The Tax Policy Center further estimates that the average tax benefit for parents exceeds $3,400. A married couple with two kids could get benefits of nearly $7,700, while a single parent with two children might receive more than $8,100.
As a result of the code's many child-related tax provisions, about half of households with kids -- many of them lower income -- won't owe any federal income taxes in 2013. Some in that group will even get a check from the government."

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