Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oxy Elite can't catch a break

bullsh*t I used oxyelite fine in the old formula forever. Then the GOVERNMENT made them change the formula because they wanted to outlaw the DMAA in it which was its MAIN ingrediant, and PERFECTLY safe when used correctly.
Thank god I knew without DMAA the new formula would not work and never used it. This is more the governments fault for not realizing those TWO people who had a bad reaction to the old formula were probably tripple dosing and caused their own heart explosions.

And lets look at the FDA's track record on EVERYTHING anyway. They are a sham organization just trying to get their claws into this part of the market for more bribes. They are as bad as the FCC signing off on big company mergers for shiny new jobs.... MEREDITH BAKER/COMCAST!

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