Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Racist Dead ISland 2 Trailer!


OH SNAP! okay in that song a goes "white folks do in time if you can"


1:20 in in this trailer

Not racist?

F everyone who gets bent out of shape over people getting pissed at the FF4 Johnny storm recast! Pot meet Kettle!
Its okay to be racist if you arent white (yes hes HALF white), its a rapper named Pigeon John
But if Obama made a comment against black people as being predominantly the source of crime in the US Im SURE they wouldn't care he was half black would they.

Also it has come to my attention after watching them repeatedly that in the IGN video the guy goes bald when he becomes a Zombie.
In the racist Yahoo video they show a wig peeling off.
WTF IGN hates bald people?!!

Why did you edit the anti white commment but also edit out the wig peeling so we see what a monster the guy becomes when he balds?

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