Friday, June 20, 2014

Video Podcast - tonight

Well me and my buddy Fred are starting a video podcast for the hell of it.
We don't know why or where it will go or If we'll even enjoy it but we figured "what the fuck"!

It will be hosted live on ustream under the channel "Six Beers In" (just search for that), starting between 8-8:30pm EST USA.

After that the recorded version will be uploaded to youtube for further watching.
We will also be trying to incorporate call ins during the show using SKYPE and our regular telephone. How this will turn out is beyond me but we'll see.

Skype Name will be  - SixBeersIn

The actual phone number will be updated later if I can get it working

We will also place a chat room up during the show
Link will be updated on the Ustream chat

We will also be trying to figure out how to run an audio ONLY mode for the future as well.

This is NEW, bear with us.

It WILL be offensive, so feel free to be offensive back.

I will also try to update with some topics prior to the show so you can prep your thoughts

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