Friday, June 27, 2014

Second Podcast tonight - 9 or 9:30pm EST Ustream TIME CHANGE

So we think the first cast went decent.
We had fun and really that's what we want. If something great comes from it (or even mildly decent) then that would be even better.
If you can check us out tonight 9:30 (give or take) pm EST (give or take)

There is a chat built into the Ustream and we even take SKYPE and can do calls if needed.
Last weeks is up on Youtube.

If we can get enough people then hopefully we can get a live streaming channel on YouTube which would be commercial free (I think) and stream with much less delay.

You can watch the last cast on our Google + page. Join the page if you can, it helps.... I think, I dunno, I'm not really a social media guy honestly.

The ustream channel is

Some things we are going to try and discuss will be

AEREO being denied by SCOTUS
Stag arms layoffs in CT due to the newer gun restrictions
Jeremey Meeks again... man cant get enough dreamy eyes can we
Insurance Hikes in CT
The Child border immigration epidemic
anything random

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