Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aereo Update

"More markets and more marketing muscle will mean an increase in cord cutting across the U.S.," Greenfield wrote in a report this week. If that happens, he added, it could force cable and satellite providers to offer more low-cost video packages to retain subscribers.
Broadcasters fear that if people drop their pay service in favor of Aereo, it would cost the networks money. Pay-TV distributors pay broadcasters retransmission consent fees to carry their signals. According to industry consulting firm SNL Kagan, those fees will reach $4 billion this year and close to $8 billion in 2019.
If the high court sides with Aereo, Greenfield said, "the only true winner will be the consumer."

Not REALLY the type of argument you want to present to the public.
“Oh yeah if Aereo wins SO DO YOU, but that’s BAAAAAAAAAAAD. For, you know…… reasons?”

I Hope aereo wins this because it would FORCE the broadcasters and cable companies to hopefully rebuild their structure and give more financially conscious consumers other options, WHICH WE NEED!

“Another route for broadcasters would be to convince the FCC that Aereo needs to be classified as a multichannel video programming distributor.”

Well the only fair option if Aereo gets reclassified would be reclassifying Broadband companies to a telecommunications service. This would eliminate their hold against net neutrality though so again we don’t want THE CONSUMER to win. We are companies and we love our consumers…….. MONEY! Please don’t take that away.

Seriously pre online music purchasing “I-tunes” the record companies were terrified they were going to lose profits. They had to re org and re build. They now make more profits than ever. What are the broadcasters REALLY afraid of?

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