Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sarah Silverman Calls Fetuses 'Goo,' Infuriating Pro-Life Conservatives

Ill be more refined in this argument.

It is goo
We are all goo

People who use religion as an example for pro life are wrong because religion is not fact it is simply your faith. So basing pro life on anything religious is basically forcing your religious beliefs on someone. No better than any theocracy.

People who try to say science says life begins at conception are wrong.
Read the timeline. Genitals do not appear until around week 14, after the first trimester. Full brain development and nervous system construction NOT until week 27. The heart not complete until week 37!
Yes a life begins at conception. Beginning does not mean complete. It is the beginning of life, not "a" life. A race begins with the gunshot but ends at a checkered line. I am sorry but no matter how you slice it this is not a being. The brain is what makes a human being and its not completed until WELL into the 3rd trimester.
Abortions are legal up to the first for a reason, physiologically it is NOT a human being.

You can have your belief but just like your religion it is JUST THAT, a belief and to force it upon anyone is wrong. There are many reasons aside a woman's health she may decide for an abortion. Even the MOST responsible women who take all birth control measures aside celibacy can end up pregnant. This pre initiative shows it was a mistake. Condoms can break, birth control can fail, among many other issues. Poor education and upbringing sometimes breeds poor choices that lead to regret.
Poor mental status within individuals can lead to unwanted pregnancies.
If a woman WANTS an abortion than there is a "reason". It is NOT a fun procedure, no one wakes up one morning and goes "yup I want to get knocked up and have my vag vacuumed out in 3 weeks!"
To force a law to stop that now places an even larger struggle on that woman, that child, the society that houses her, and eventually the community that may suffer from a poorly brought up child's actions.
No abortion clinic is advertising on the tv and radio like hair plug clinics. They are discreet and for a reason.

You feel you are fighting for the rights of some unborn being that is going to know what you did for it and pray to some imaginary heavenly being with thanks but really more often than not that child will probably wish he was never born.
He will not usually have a great childhood with a father figure and loving mother.

I am sorry but your arguments are all wrong. You are thinking with your "hearts" and not your brains and the heart does not make logical and clear decisions. And to be honest I dont think half of you are really thinking with your hearts if thinking at all. People are so easily brainwashed sometimes I wonder if most pro lifers actually belief what they spew are it is just something to cling to.

Look at the situation as a whole. Stop thinking every woman who wants an abortion is some drunk college girl who messed up. If it is, is that someone you want being a mother?
Stop thinking every woman who wants an abortion is some poverty ridden baby factory, and if it is do you want a child being raised in that?
Most people are NOT good parents. Many people have to realize this and NOT have children. I would not be a good parent will never have kids. Society places a massive pressure on people that children are a necessary evil of life. Sometimes NOT having one is the most responsible, sensible and loving thing you CAN do.

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