Thursday, July 3, 2014

Immigration Reform?! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Who pays for this??? Oh we do....
Who pays for them to have assisted living when they get to stay? Oh we do....
Who pays for their healthcare and food???? Oh we do?

Sorry but I agree with the chanters. Send them back, and not only that but bill the crap out of their country for transport, food and health care fees.
Their governments dont care about them running here because they know they are creating anchors in the states to milk and corrupt the system. Eventually America will be "THAT COUNTRY" they came from and everyone will be running elsewhere.

If their home country gets ANY aid money from us we deduct their send back fees from that until they reach zero. I am sure their government will try to secure borders then.
Its not our problem Latin countries are rife with violence. Sorry but whiney Americans want to say "ewwwwww our drug problem created their violence..."
SHUT IT, no It doesn't. Their country is run by corrupt megalomaniacs who will find ANY way to pillage it for profit at their peoples expense and unless the people want to stand up for themselves like The Mexican self defense groups, ( who sadly was arrested and I think should overthrow the Mexican government, then boo hoo to bad for you.

If you cant get your own country in order DONT run here because we have a hard enough time already. We have enough people who are willing to take those "jobs no one wanted" now and our economy is garbage.
Sad to say but immigration reform and an influx of latin immigrants will create a VERY strong distaste for them that will carry over to the fully legal latin cultures.
You want status then do like Peurto Rico and become part of the US... otherwise GO HOME.

As for the Mexican Vigilante group we need to support THEM. They need to take control of that country and hopefully make it a decent place. We need to AID them and back Mexico so instead of worrying about creating bigger fences we can make it worth living there and safe and tear the damn fence down!

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