Monday, June 18, 2012

Prometheus Review/Speculation.

I'm going to start this with a simple review then link to the longer version which will contain spoilers for discussion.

Firstly I'm giving this movie a B-
Story wise it's an interesting concept where humans want to find God. Some geologist find corresponding murals throughout different parts of the world all pointing to the same galaxy and decide "hey this is where we came from, let's go there!"
How they actually came to this conclusion over "maybe it's a warning to NOT go there" is beyond me but the humans in this movie all appear to be suffering some mild case of child like state mass retardation and act on impulse rather than any kind of shear logic!
This IS wrapped into the Ridley Alien's universe  but how yet we don't know. I Will speculate this into the second half/spoilers.
Special effect wise the movie is great aside a few things.
The old man, or should I say young man in old costume, just irritated me. Why didn't you just get an old man? (Found the answer to this here but it's still stupid)
The C section looked a bit overly CG. They could have done a much better job with some non CG based special effects.
It's a bit of a tough movie to review without giving to much away but all in all it's not horrible. It moves at a decent pace to not get overly boring and has some interesting premises if you like to look into things. Don't expect to be spoon fed here as there is a lot of mystery left unanswered. Also the score left something to be desired. The commercials played a creepy industrial sound track that just let you KNOW shit was about to go DOWN! Yet the movie was filled with old Jurassic Park super hero music. It pulled you right out of the dread and into a WOW were going to see a T Rex.

On a side note as well Charleze's character is COMPLETELY irrelevant and honestly could have been left out or just shown through some ship to earth communications.

What the FUCK did the old man think the engineers we're going to do? Heal him because they were some super nice species that would just like the cut of his jib? That was a moronic write in.

David the robot was a BIT too shady for me. He ventured on an Evil Pinocchio and way too self aware with a bitter hatred of his creators. Finally a translation of what David said to the engineer
pretty menial, why was it not dubbed?

The engineer who drank to ooze? My guess with this entire movie revolving around God and who/why created us/the engineers are basically semi answered in the title. The engineer who drank the ooze was a cast out just as the titan Prometheus and probably was attempting to find the same answers we were "where did we come from?"
He was more than likely the creator of this evolutionary accelerator ooze and used it in experiments which the other engineers did not see as in the better interest. They there fore abandoned him on the planet but not after he snuck some ooze out in his butt and then drank it like prison toilet wine.
My guesstimate is we are NOT derived from the engineers but the other way around. We are the next evolutionary step for them and for some reason they DO NOT like this. My guess is the engineer at the end was not going to "destroy earth" with a weapon but more or less trying to find a place to destroy this toxic waste they created.

Where does it fit into the Aliens universe?
I don't think this is a direct tie in. If you watch close you will see a Xenomorph mural on the wall in the aliens holding lab. What this was is still a mystery where some may say they were worshiping it. I think it was a warning sign or a classification sign to what this particular ooze creates. Perhaps we will find that the Humans, Xenomorphs and Engineers are all actually tied in together in some evolutionary line. Of course we all saw the engineer/xenomorph in the end and thought of aliens. I don't believe we will see more of that in the sequel though. To me its a little easter egg to the original series. We all know the xenomorphs take characteristics from their hosts and perhaps that is just the way they come out from the engineers. It was shown with the pile of dead ones their chests we're burst-ed which leads me to think this outbreak was what they we're running from.

Okay WHY in the end did the girl still want to get more answers? The one big white tried to stomp her without answers WHY wouldn't the entire planet the "instant" she lands?
Perhaps she lands on their planet and sees it's already decimated by the black ooze epidemic. 

Right now I got sidetracked watching a thundercats clip and will have to come back to put up more when I remember what I was talking about.

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