Monday, June 25, 2012


"An eye for an eye, that's not how you teach kids right from wrong."

No its a hard crack on the ass with a belt or wooden spoon. Both of which I am sure you as a disciplinary lack the skills to deliver so there fore cut your rodent child's hair off to prove a point. They want to be bad ass well now they are bald bad asses and to be honest they should have let the other mom cut your kids hair off until she felt the punishment was enough.

parents today are friggin retards and want WAY to desperately to be their kids "friends". This is one reason I choose not to have them, if I cant legally punish and beat the shit out of my own kids to discipline I do not see a desire to keep this waste of a species procreating. The end of us hopefully starts with me because if you let children run society the way they have been.... well read lord of the flies!

 Oh she just looks like a buffoon!

Does she remind you more of Fred Flinstone or Barney Rubble?


  1. Um... excuse me? BEAT YOUR CHILDREN AND CUT OFF THEIR HAIR?!?!? That is the worst way to discipline your children. Would you approve of an adult beating an adult because they ate more than their share of cookies? Would you approve of a child cutting off another child's hair because they didn't share their toys? But when an adult mentally damages (yes, it is scientifically proven that all of the listed features causes mental health issues) a child by beating to the point of INJURY and extremely humiliating their child, who is STILL LEARNING THE WAY OF THE WORLD, it is discipline?

    I sincerely hope you do not have any children and never do. People like you are the reason our world is corrupted.

    Children of this being, if any and I hope not, I am praying for you.


    1. NO people like you who let their kids get away with murder and pretend to be their "friends" are the issue. There is no discipline. Look back a few decades when a good stern crack upside the head was standard, there weren't half as many children issues as today. Are their other variables? Of course but parents let their damn spawn get away with murder today.
      Its also proven spoiling a child with no discipline is damaging so where does your imaginary line go to far?

      And your comparison of children hitting children is not discipline because another child is not a disciplinary source, he is then just a bully or establishing some sort of dominance. And your comparison of adults taking action to each other is incorrect because its just mob justice, and YES when adults misbehave THEY GO TO FUCKING JAIL, what planet do you live on? I never plan on having kids because honestly (well I just dont want them) but other parents and their skills just lack to much for me to want to bother having on


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