Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some software I like

Many may not know but I am actually a pretty upstanding successful citizen. I am a network tech for a "company", though I am usually smart enough to leave my internet charm on the web and use my busy boy face and charisma at work.

Anyway through some of my tech journeys I come across some interesting tasks and me being the cheap ass "I"talian that I am am always trying to find the most cost effective way I can do it and even carry the resolution over to my home life. Mind you some of my solutions are not going to actually be used at work (still home though) since I mostly grab freeware but there are some really good ones out there.

Here are a few......
One I found a while ago when I needed to do some partitioning.
It's a freeware called Easeus
For partitioning on the fly this tool has even helped me at work. I used to use Gparted which also works great but not having to boot into a disk and just work within windows has some great advantages. You will still have to reboot for changes to take effect but its a pretty handy POS (piece of software). For the most part you will just piggyback a hard drive to work on so there shouldn't be any rebooting needed.

Another Great Freebie is Macrium Reflect. This is an all in one imaging and cloning tool, similar to clone zillz but GUI based.

My next one is ImgBurn which I am sure most of you have heard of if not used.
This is a GREAT Image tool for creating, burning, and extracting ISO and data files to and from a disk. It wont virtually mount an ISO bu if you create one and need to mount it "Virtual Clone Drive" is a great, free and safe alternative to "PowerISO".

My last one for today is one I FOUND today and actually inspired me to write this. Its a partition/drive encrypting tool called "Rohos".
My girlfriend called me today telling me work wanted her to buy USB flash drives for her and her 2 employees. They had no idea about the security behind this. They wanted to walk around with highly important documents on nothing but a teeny tiny losable flash drive that anyone can nab and see very personal documentation.
Her boss gave her a 10$ a piece budget on this task. I found her a nice 4 gig verbatim thumb drive. Now granted you can get some pre hardware/software encrypted drives but not for 10$ and if someone gives you one for that you can probably expect it to be emailing your documents to someone in China but for free Rohos mini lets you create a password protected partition up to two gigs and with its own portable executable you can plug it into any computer and activate and edit your secured docs. This is a huge plus over some other encrypted software such as truecrypt which expects you to have the client software on each machine you wish to use the encrypted drive on. And great for someone like her office who doesn't run on Win7 yet and can't use bitlocker tech.

Anyway this is a diversion from my usual ranting and raving to share a peice of useful info with anyone willing to listen to me..... I'm so lonely; please listen :( "sniffle"

Do any of you know some good freeware you could recommend?

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