Friday, April 13, 2012

Physical File Share! File Share Flea Market!

I want to organize the "Physical File Share" in the New haven, CT Green. I need sigs and people willing to join this concept.
Everyone pack up their laptops, their thumb drives, external HD's, and anything else you can physically carry with all the albums, movies, books, la-te-da, you can carry and meet.
We organize into groups of who has what and share away over a non ISP basis!!!!

This is soley to prove a point on the topic I have so hated and honestly fight against the constant attacks to freedom on the web...

PHYSICAL FILE SHARE!!!! Ge it out and please lets get it going. Sign here if your interested, post back links to other places you've shared the idea at and lets get organized.

My next big step would be to incorporate a non ISP network carrying a bit torrent feed locally to (or and ad hoc file share network) use ont he green so no contact would even need to be made with each other!!!!!

C'mon Bram Cohen, take your knowledge to the next step. Pretty soon we can create a complete off the grid non isp wifi blasting torrent sharing network!!! eventually our own ISPs (K now I'm dreaming but you get it)


let's agree on a date, and maybe we can even begin to figure a way to join these suckers up cross counties!

Ill set up some ground rules if this gets anywhere and possibly some suggestions for people security wise before bringing any electronics with personal info on them.

Fileshare Flea Market Google+ Page


  1. Great idea, except for one thing - you're asking for law enforcement to come over and "get a whiff of what's cookin'", then grab a warrant and start sending people coupons for a free stay in their nightly hotel (jail).

    Think about it: undercover cop comes over with a hard drive with bogus files on it. Shares with you - grabs some copyrighted porn, music, and software...comes back an hour later with a warrant for your arrest. Too risky, IMO.

    Now, going off of the "grid", as it were, would be a better choice. Get licenses if needed, set up your own communication relay within your city, with various dishes being hosted at homes in the area. Sure, it's expensive...but it beats running cat5 or cable and risking it getting cut, tapped, etc.

    Good luck!

    1. hey thanks for the reply but do you think if enough people met up the cops are going to waste their time worrying about someone sharing an album, let alone there is a pretty big chance of them themselves trading as well.
      if you want to do the second option instead then lets roll.... lol
      the point of the meet and greet was more for a show of standing than the trading of material.
      still pass it along to other people!
      thanks again


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