Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor New Jersey

This isn't a problem just in NJ though as here as here in CT  Waterbury Mayor O'neal recently started collecting a pension after 1 day in office. Which oddly enough his running campaign was he wasnot going to collect his police pension while in office..... I'm perplexed at times. To me a campaign promise is a verbal contact and breaking that nullifies your status in office.
If your going to collect a pension then you should not be able to work, if you want to work then you cant collect pensions. I get killed in taxes if I want to pull from my 401K or retirement accounts so why do you get to collect double from the people your supposed to represent?

This is a rampart problem through the country and needs to be stopped dead.....
But again we a re a fat, lazy country who loves to be beaten like step children so oh well I guess.

Jersey might just be better off electing these guys!
 GOD DAMN J-Wow is smoking HOT!

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