Thursday, May 3, 2012

REALLY?!?!?!?! You want to raise revenue by fining people?
How fucking retarded has CT gotten (or Connecti-shit as I so fondly call my home state) that it's only source of future revenue is taxing and fining people?

HEY WTF let's just throw ourselves all the way back into the dark ages and re release bubonic plague, I hear its all the rage now anyway!

 How about letting go of half our elected officials and their appointed friends instead? Then reducing their pay? Did you hear Maloy has an opening for a 45K a year house keeper? This State sucks a fat cock, the elected officials, suck a fat cock and their ideas suck fat cocks!

Cameras should be used for safety and to assist in investigations of traffic "accidents", public assualt and violence but negate towards traffic "violations" of any sort.

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