Monday, September 10, 2012

Viva Mexico!

"In an effort to keep the flights going, American authorities proposed mixing in Mexicans who commit crimes while living in the U.S. The Mexican government balked at seating hardened criminals next to families, elderly and the frail who recently crossed the border in search of work."

A day in Tiaquana  changed my entire outlook on immigration and crossing that border. I used to be hardened to the idea of people sneaking into this country illegally to find work (or commit crimes) but those few hours let me know if I was born into that chaos and rubble I to would also take every chance at getting here.

But we have to look at things logically and financially now
and realize that we can't use our tax money at supporting illegals, educating them to become citizens and paying to go home. We should simply have to put them on a bus and back through the terminal fence to their own country and it will have to come to their authorities beginning to press charges for trespassing.

We need to step up our game because by the sound of the Mexican government they are almost happy these people are sneaking over for work. Perhaps they think these immigrants will send the money home and boost their own economy, I don't know but the American society, government and citizenship need to, at least for a while, stand together and put pressure on the Mexican government to place charges on these people other wise we as a country need to start tallying up the bill the send these people back and expect Mexico to reimburse us. If they don't then we cut ties with them. If they can't clean up their own country we should not have to deal with them or waste our own money.

So I have 3 options..... please tell me what you would rather see?

What to do with Mexico

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