Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video Games are utter SHITE now

What happened to quality?
I remember back in the days of the super Nintendo all the way up to the PS2 we'd have some quality fucking games. Now I’m not talking about quality in the way of quality story and content but I mean “quality” as in they JUST FUCKING WORKED!
Two games I recently (within a year is recent for me) purchased to play online with a couple of buddies (I don’t buy a lot of games) and neither work.

Dark Soul’s, which if you read my post of the pre order disappointment with that piece of shite, is still a hot steamy pile of online terd and it’s been HOW LONG?
I decided recently to turn it on again in anticipation of the new DLC coming out in the fall only to realize there still hasn’t been a fix for their online system coop and the invasion system is WAY out of whack.
Now just last week we bought the “Dead Island GOTY Ed” and there are issues with this as well?
Playing online a few times last night with people and as soon as anything other than a slow crawl happens the game says “meh fuck it” and decides to freeze up. Never mind it did this to me 3 times after collecting some really cool stuff and leveling up but c’mon freezing in general is a royal PITA! After some research in the scare my system was dying I found this has been a bug since release on BOTH consoles! WHY ISNT THIS FIXED!?
Now game companies love to say “Oh that’s being patched", or "worked on heavily" or even just "there are always going to be bugs” but fucking seriously get your shit together. You can say the programming is vastly different than the SNES days but sadly to say it’s also the norm now so if you’re incapable of doing a “normal” (bunny quotes) part of your job then go find another one because sucking any portion of my money, from 20 to 60 dollars is too much for a faulty product ESPECIALLY one that is years old now.
It almost like devs/publishers will release a shitty product they know has about a 40% failure rate in testing thinking it will go to like 45 in the real world and if it’s above 50% they will attempt to put about 4 hours of fix time into it and call it a loss if it’s more than that royally fucking the purchaser.
Now the issue here is there is NO return on games. You can trade them for like 4 bucks after you open it but even if the game is a non-functioning coaster the store won’t take a return and the company say’s nope, why would we want it back.
You can say “well read reviews” but seriously the way stuff is marketed half the reviewers are such ass kissers and probably being paid off what do you have? “Wait for user reviews” well if we all sat around waiting for that ONE guy to risk buying the game in wait of a user review we would all have our thumbs up our asses a good long time. (Unless your Dark Souls, then you make ONE test server for all the reviewers to gloat how stable the online is before you open all of them up to the unwitting public and destroy reviewer credibility, WHY ISNT THIS FIXED!)
Double edged sword I say.
Makes me feel like the old Nintendo days when any old game could be released with any old glitch and it was common place (Now I never actually owned a Nintendo due to my family's piss poorness but I knew the issues) .
Either Bring back quality functioning games or give consumers the ability to return nonfunctioning material. To me this is no more honest than me buying all my games with money that bleaches itself after 30 days and then you come back and say “Hey we need new money your’s is not functioning”, well hey “Ill release a patch for that…. I don’t do refunds!”

Update: 11/5/12

Please sign here and fill out this small survey if you would like me to put together a petition to forward to the state, and please those outside CT forward to your reps.

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