Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Never buy GE

Spent 2 hours on the phone with GE yesterday over a fridge that just went out of warranty. We had tech out 3 times since purchasing this fridge and the issues was never fixed. NOT ONLY that but the tech eventually just decided to tell us this was normal operating procedure for the "newer style refridgerators".

Well low and behold I finally figured out the problem myself and called GE "just" to see if they would comp me the part so I could change it myself and they WANT TO CHARGE ME FOR IT....!
Oh but it's not all bad they said they will discount it as long as I pay shipping and handling. My other option was 50% off parts and labor to have a tech come out. Why would I want the same techs who left my fridge for dead back out AND have to pay?

Well anyway I have the entire conversation recorded and will be putting it up soon. Now I'm not mad at the phone guy and do say this in the call but their record system is trash and they have no idea whats going on. This was actually the second call of that day and the first woman not only called me a liar (after catching her on a lie) but then proceeded to say I was yelling at her, so she could hang up on me.

Well this phone guy even though polite eventually said a manager would have to call me back EVEN THOUGH there was one next to him feeding lines the whole time but refused to get on the line. He then said he would email me info regarding the call and, wouldn't you be surprised it never arrived! SHOCKED HUH!

Anyway I'm just deciding how to upload the call as it is very long and somewhat droll but I IMPLORE more people to start recording their customer service calls and placing them online to show how companies treat consumers.

Just sent an email to GE via their submission form.
Spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday over a fridge we had techs out 3 times for the same problem. I finally found the issue myself and called JUST to see if you guys would comp me the part and the phone reps said all he could do was discount and that a manager would have to call me back the next day. The manager was right there talking to him and would not get on the phone.
The rep ALSO said he would email me his info and the info from the call so we can get this resolved and he never sent the email. I checked my spam and gave him/made him repeat it back to me multiple times.
This is the WORST experience ever and I do not plan to buy GE again and MAKE sure to tell everyone not to and why. I plan on placing the call on my website
and letting everyone know through my facebook, twitter, ETC to never deal with your company unless you want horrible service, questionable products, and NO BACKING.
Amazing a company doesnt want to comp me a 20$ (prob less your cost) part after such a horrible experiance and being told our fridge was acting normally by the tech on the THIRD visit. Who knows at this point how much life is now left in the fridge but I was not asking for much and you gave a paying consumer nothing in return.

Let's see where this gets me

Well a supervisor considerately called me while I'm at work to tell me they don't plan on doing anything more than offering me their 80$ part for 40$ + S&H. I can buy the part cheaper myself online from other sites, which he said I was very well to do.
They have no records passed the first time the tech came out. Logically the first visit would be a diagnosis then a second visit after ordering the part would be installation. That would be 2 visits right there. They have no record of a part being changed even though the second time he changed the freezer fan, which is so odd because the very first woman I spoke with on the phone saw the part was changed and said since "that" part was still good there was nothing they could do.
Very disappointed in GE

9/7/12 4:00pm

Ended up getting  a corporate number and sent a direct fax in with my info to the office of the VP of the Appliance devision
CEO's office.
GE Appliance Headquarters
AP6, Room 129
Louisville, Ky. 40225
502-452-0054 (fax number)
Got a call at 2:00pm today but missed it and the individual Kelly J said she was leaving for the day and will try me Monday.
Lets see where this goes.

Well called Kelly J and was sent to her voice mail with no response back. Another day of having to manually rev my fridge up.

Well after talking to Miss Johnson via phone she agreed to send me the part complimentary.
I also realized that the reason they only have one record of me is because all their info from address, to phone number, to even name spelling was wrong in multiple systems, so even though it could not be verified they had no way to dispute it.


Part was on back order (SUPRISE!). Finally got it and installed in 10 minutes. Fridge runs better than new.
Plan on calling Kelly J to let her know that the part came in, works and "I was right".

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