Monday, November 26, 2012

Just saw Dark Knight Rises

Have to say I was a bit disappointed. I LOVED the 2nd and to me it would have made a much better finale then this one. Bane had no real draw to him and honestly the entire movie was a bit predictable. I'm not saying it wasn't good but it wasn't sequel and then finale great. Also there was no need for Anne Hathaway at all. Not saying any Anne Hathaway is not good Hathaway (especially topless) but I just wasn't interested in cat-woman. AND WHY at the end when Cat-woman shot a small missile out of her bike it destroyed those batmobiles into a million non surviving pieces but when batman shoots them everyone gets to walk away like a GI Joe epp? Well I missed it it theaters and really don't feel bad about it now. I feel I should watch The Dark Knight just to feel I end on a better note. BUT will you nerd PLEASE stop dressing as Ledger Jokers? now here's a funny video

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