Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink Slime - YUM! - updated 3/27

You know to be honest we've been eating this stuff for how long? How long has our nation been shoving food items down our over weight gullets and NOT asking where it came from, what is the process of harvesting nor even WTF animal is THIS!?
To truthfully look at this whole scenario; in the beginning I was caught up in the media hype of "pink slime" the name that has been given to this product by the outlets to horrify people into an even more hyper-stupified mind set than they are already but after looking at it rationally I'm beginning to just say to everyone, SHUT IT!
The product is actually meat trimmings. It IS meat, I know the media has put out images of disgusting left over animal parts that wouldn't even make it into today's hot dogs but seriously DO ANY left over meat trimmings look attractive and savory?
The meat has been overly cooked (to loosen) and then disinfected before it is processed. Yes its ammonia but do you know how many other foods are treated with ammonia? Well I don't but I'll find some.
On a side note here is a great study done back in 1997 on ammonia treated food in sheep. It actually helped digestion!
Our food prices are sky rocketing and with the absence of this product you can be damn sure meat will become the food of the socially elite and they're personal taint ticklers, that is until soylent green hits the market..... YUM! Soylent Green... the TRUE "pink slime".
People need to stop going overboard on stupid shit and really start looking at things seriously. We have a broken government, a hidden corporate monarchy elite, and soon to be pseudo standard of communism breaking us slowly into submission but you think PINK SLIME is the biggest problem we face? UGH our population SUCKS!
Look at the better aspects of the products.
Reduced food costs
Utilization of every part of the animal (the Native Americans would be proud!)
Ammonia kills very harmful bacteria. Watch Food INC and see how gross our regular beef is before you trounce this you idiots! And those who say it only makes stronger bacteria.... I BET YOU GET THE FLU SHOT!
The Ammonia serves as a digestive assistant, which for red meat is a plus since our bodies do not digest red meat well.

What the meat companies need to do is just label treated and untreated meat packaging. Let people in the store decide and when they see the cost differential I am sure most of these idiots would start to change their tunes. That is as they're slowly dying off from un-ammoniated mad cow infested Angus while I loot their homes.

Closing Plants
I hope you fucking people are happy, this population makes me wants to shit diarrhea from my ears.
I will again proclaim when you have a choice between the lower cost treated, additive meat and full ground chuck most of you will start secretly buying this again. This will become the band everyone makes fun of and publicly hates whilst secretly buying all their albums.

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