Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heroes and Villians

Ever notice in the comics there are no N7 super heroes

they all look like this

hell even THIS guy

All nice thick heads of hair.

Even the raging maniac Hulk would never sport a norwood 7

THAT IS until he turned evil in the future and Became the Meistro

Hes a bad guy now so I guess its okay he's lost his hair with his mind.

My point is there are no bald super heroes

Look at Supermans arch nemesis.... Lex Luthor

Batmans Nemesis Ras Al Ghul

The Kingpin

I think everyone can see where we are going with this.

Do a google search for "bald super hero"

See what comes up, or what is in images.

Hey we have Prof X right?Oh God... honestly I believe he has a full head of hair but shaves it just out of spite.

Im not trying to make a "thing" out of this or bring "awareness"; hell I dont even READ comics, but really just want to show how society depicts the balding. Most guys who draw this are fat, baldos, and even they cant bring themselves to do it.

Now google image bald super villians, many more images.

Funny gay superheroes are "A OKAY" but a bald (and balding not shaved head black guy bald) are a no go.

Honestly you would think in a world of comic geniuses both good and evil ONE would have cured baldness?!

Also PLEASE don't come back at me with uber alien or non humanoid heroes like The Thing, the Watchers, Piccolo from DBZ, Silver Surfer etc. I'm talking strictly human or human looking (such as Superman).

UPDATE: I should be fair as Rhas actually does have appearances WITH hair as well.... guess it depends on what Lazarus pit he lays in.

How super does this look?

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  1. I would like to say only one thing that being bald is not a bad thing but it depends on the society how do they look at. If they tease you and make gossips when you passes, it really hurts.


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